Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


The Greatest Gift

Okay, what I’m talking about today isn’t the absolute GREATEST, but nearly. 🙂

Seems like this time of year is rife with Christmas parties. Anybody stepping in that with me??

Last night was my final “official” party of the season. It was a family/company Christmas. Up until twenty-two years ago, my grandmother hosted the evening in her home. (Except it was only family, not employees.)

Grandmother had all kinds of candies, snacks, goodies and punch. (Gotta have the punch!) After Grandmother’s death, we started having a party and inviting the office help. Last night was the party for 2013.

I’ve also attended an in-office party and a writers’ party this year.

There’s never any alcohol, so we don’t have a problem with fights–for anyone over 15. 😉 At the in-office and writers’ parties, we played dirty santa. (Insert evil laugh here.)

If you haven’t played Dirty Santa, you’re missing a fun time of cheering, whining and tons of laughter. Warning: set the rules BEFORE you play and don’t let them change as you go.

Honestly, though, the best gift anyone gets at Christmas (except for Jesus) is time with their friends and family. Don’t you love it? 🙂