Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Snitting and Wild Hairs

I might have to shave my head.

Know what I’ve been doing?

1-2No, not writing. Want to guess again? 🙂

1-4If you guessed Snitting, you guessed right. LOL


Why so many hats, you ask, when you only have one head? (And yes, I look silly in a hat.)

They aren’t for me. They’re gifts. Here’s where the wild hair comes in. *sigh*

(Here’s the reason I might need to shave my head. No hair, no wild hairs. Get it?)

1-5If this one looks like a teddy bear jigsaw puzzle, it is. Hopefully, I’ll get it stuffed and finished before I send it on its way.

They’re all for kiddos I don’t know.

Here’s why I got that crazy hair. I have a little friend who’s going to school near Tahlequah. I snitted and sent her a hat a few weeks ago, and she said all the girls in her house loved it. One even wanted to pet it. LOL.

Why not make one for all the girls in her house? the crazy hair whispered in my ear. 😉 When I started knitting furiously, I realized it was kind of a big bite to take here just before Christmas.

But a wild hair is a wild hair. What’s a mother to do? I’m enlisting a little help. Hopefully, we’ll get this wild hair of mine taken care of before Christmas.

1-6 This hat isn’t finished yet. In fact, it’s still on the needles. See at the top? It’s a cable needle (one long contraption with a needle on each end) meant for knitting in the round, except I’m using it like two needles and knitting the hat flat. I’ll seam it when I’m finished.

Leave it to me to use the wrong needles to get what I want. LOL. But it works. I’m getting there.

Did you ever get a wild hair, just when you should be doing something else, such as getting ready for Christmas? Is there anything to do for it except shave your head?

Are wild hairs ever a good thing? (I hope.) 🙂