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I’m Amazed!

Do you ever look around and just think, “Wow!”?

I’m constantly amazed at what’s happening in this world.

I remember a time before my parents owned a television. Before there was color TV. Digital hadn’t even been thought of, as far as I know. (At least the people I knew hadn’t imagined it.)

I remember the first typewriter I owned. (Yes, electric.) I remember a movie (Westworld with Yul Brynner. Anybody see it?) with a computer in it. Great. Big. Computer.

If you get a chance to watch Westworld, watch for that computer room. The computer is HUGE, filling an entire house-sized room.

Now we have several computers. I carry one (an iPad) in my purse, my phone is one, and I have an entire computer in my lap right now–and I’m not crushed. 🙂

There have probably been sermons preached about the evils of computers because of easy access to temptation. But you know what? There’s some fantastic stuff out there.

And I’m constantly amazed at the wonderful content.

Today’s amazement: I found a blog called, “God Centered Mom”. It’s great! I wish I’d had it when I was a young mom. My own mom had my back, so I didn’t need it, but it would have been fantastic to have! (Moms, if you haven’t read it, please check it out!)

GCM had a post Monday about hosting a dinner party and the dining table being covered with Legos. Been there? (We didn’t have many dinner parties, but if we had, yeah.)

Another post was called, “When You Feel Like You’re Mothering Wrong.” Done that? (I did! And when I did, I called my mama.)

The best of her blogs that I’ve read was called, “Making Easter Personal for Preschoolers.”

I don’t know if she got the idea someplace else or if God gave it directly to her, but it’s wonderful! (Two thumbs up!)

If you have small children or grandchildren, check “God Centered Mom” out. See if you think it’s amazing, too.

clip_art_illustration_a_red_outline_of_a_heart_0071-0904-2000-1161_TNHow about some Bloggy Love?

What do you (or did you) do when you had those what-if-I’m-not-raising-this-kid-right feeling?

What blogs for and about kiddos do you enjoy reading?