Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


My One Hundred Year Old Pitcher

Am I weird?

I like pitchers. I didn’t realize I collected them until one day I noticed I had a collection. Mostly white pitchers, but really any pitcher that catches my interest.

One day, an elderly friend of my dad’s who didn’t know about my pitcher fetish gave me this.


Now I’ve always loved this kind of pottery, but I’d never seen a pitcher like this before. Isn’t it cool?

arlie3Anybody read German? 😉


It’s not perfect, but that might be because it’s been used a lot. (The best kind of gift is one that’s been loved and used.)


It even has a heart. I like that.

Inside the pitcher was a paper. arlie-1It’s dated April 30, 2004.

Dear Susan:

Here is a pitcher that I have had for over 50 years. It was “supposed” to be 40 or 50 years old when I got it.

It came from my favorite German restaurant. . .

Graven Bock

Located in Saxonhausen–a suburb of Frankfurt, Germany. The word “zum” means to. The name is Theo and Gottlieb Elsasser. We would get this FULL of Apple wine and after 6 or 7 glasses–two things would happen:

(turn over)

1. It commenced to taste good.


2. You had no more problems.

Your friend



The pitcher has been in several rooms in my house since Arlie gave it to me. The living room and family room mainly. And part of the time it held dried hydrangeas. Right now it mostly holds dust. LOL.

Maybe I’ll find a place to display all my pitchers together, and put Apple Wine Pitcher in the middle.

So . . . is that weird?