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Still playing make believe.



I have to tell you about my daughter-in-laws. I have three fantastic(!) DILs. #1 Son’s wife is a lawyer (is that cool or what?) Baby Boy’s wife is an architect (I’m still amazed by that girl!) and the girl I’m going to tell you about today.

Middle Son’s wife, Nikki.

Nikki has one of those smiles. You know the kind. No matter how bad your day is, when she hits you with that 1000 watt grin, you just have to grin back.

matt-and-nikkiNikki has a job, goes to college (she’s studying to be a teacher) sings BEAUTIFULLY, and she’s an inspiration. Let me say that again. She’s an


One day, out of the blue, I saw this on Facebook.

7 nikki

This is one of the bravest women I know. She isn’t afraid to bare her soul, and in the mean time she’s inspiring others.

She posts a collage nearly every day with pictures and sayings.

6 nikki

It’s not the fact that she has a problem with weight (who doesn’t?) that inspires me.

5 nikkiIt’s seeing the way she’s taken the bull by the horns. She’s changed her life. She focuses on the up and not the down. She sets goals and sticks to them until she reaches them.

1 nikki

And she drinks water. I hate water! (Mama taught us it rusts your stomach, and I’ve never found a reason to disagree with her.)

2 nikki

I love the way she takes time for herself. She finds apps to help her out. She finds words to inspire her. (They inspire me, too.) SHE WORKS OUT!

8 nikki

Nikki has a true gift from God. She lifts and encourages and leads and inspires, and she makes others smile.

She can do anything in the world with her gift.

If she becomes a teacher, her students will be the happiest kiddos in school.

She could head up a successful presidential campaign.

She would be an author’s dream publicist.

She’d be a perfect Chamber of Commerce president.

Even a great (happy) Dear Abby.

I’m encouraging her to start a blog where she talks about her weight loss and workout journey. Or, even better, she can use mine anytime she wants!

I’m thinking I might use her ideas to make up inspirations for my writing. I don’t know if I have even a little of her ability, but I’m going to rip off her idea and give it a try.

How about you? Any place in your life where you could use some inspiration? I know just the girl who can help!