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WOOHOO! And, Aaaaack!

Can you believe it’s September already? WOOHOO! I love autumn. (Come on and get here!)

I feel as if I’ve been kinda MIA for the last week or two. Sorry about that, but I’ve been busy lately.

I had a tooth go bad (infected, you know?) so the dentist started a root canal. (You know it’s hurting me when I can’t wait to get into the office and get a giant needle shoved in my jaw. I’m denta-phobic!) The next day, I was sick all day.

I don’t know why. Maybe it was a coincidence and maybe it was the infection. Who knows? (I’m sure someone does, but I’d rather just ignore it.)

Dental Dude put me on antibiotics (he’s a great guy) and that caused Other Problems. (If you don’t know what kind of problems antibiotics can cause, look it up. It’s gross enough to live through without talking about it.)

There’s another story about the visit. I’ll try to remember to tell it later. Tomorrow maybe?

Next I was hit by a UTI. (You can look that one up, too.) For some reason, doctors don’t like to take my word for it when I tell them I have an infection, so I had to go in for a visit. 😦 But I don’t really mind. I have a great doc.

So my funny doctor (not my dentist) changed my antibiotics to something that’ll work on both problems and we both crossed our fingers that I WOULDN’T have more of that same Other Problem again.

Yep, another story about that visit, too. DAT, maybe?


When I ate my breakfast cereal one morning, I heard a snap and oops! Root Canaled tooth cracked. Luckily, Omega had a dentist appointment she let me use that afternoon. Sisters are great, aren’t they?

I tried to get Dental Dude to glue the tooth back together, but he said he couldn’t. (I even offered to loan him some fingernail glue. No go.)

My dad had his hip replaced on Tuesday. Naturally, I wanted to be there when before surgery started, but the surgeon got around earlier than I did and I didn’t make it in time. Almost all of his kiddos were there when he came out.

He did great! Something about the procedure has changed in the last four years since I had mine replaced, and he didn’t get the morphine pump like I had. (Interesting experience if you enjoy riding the Tilt-a-Whirl when you were young.)

But when it was time for him to get up and stand on that new hipper, his BP took a nose dive.

I spent one night with him at the hospital. (We like to have somebody there all the time. Anyone else like that?) Not a lot of rest, but we had a great time together.

It took a couple of days for him to get over having low BP, but he’s home now and happy as a lark.

I figure he’ll be back at work in a week or so if not before.

He didn’t make it to church Sunday, although I half expected him to be there. I really missed him, too.

As busy as I’ve been with everything, I didn’t get much else done. Not much writing. Or blogging. Or gardening. (Weeds be gone!)

Oh, and our gift for this beautiful long weekend? Our upstairs air conditioner died a sad death, so we’re living downstairs.

Yet another story for even another time. 🙂

What’s going on with you?