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Still playing make believe.

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Did you ever see the movie, “Splendor in the Grass” staring Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty?

It’s a movie I heard of when I was a kid, but my mama wouldn’t let me see. (I think she heard it was naughty. She didn’t actually see it.)

As an adult, I’ve seen it several times. Not because Mama told me not to. (Well, that’s not the only reason. 🙂  )

I watched it again today. (Sunday.)

Over the years, I’ve learned some great truths from watching it.

  1. The movie is not really dirty.
  2. The characters are way too real–and down deep most aren’t very nice. (Maybe that’s why Mama didn’t want me to see it.)
  3. Parents don’t always know what’s best for their children, even though they want what’s best.
  4. Love can drive you crazy. (It made Deanie a raving lunatic in the movie.)

Whenever I think of movies my mama didn’t want me to watch, I remember Peyton Place. Just saying the title out loud makes me duck and wait to be smacked.

I learned some truths there, too.

  1. The movies really isn’t dirty. (The book is worse. Yep, I read it, too.)
  2. The characters are way too real. Some are nice and some aren’t.
  3. Parents don’t always know what’s best for the kiddos. Sometimes, they don’t even always want what’s best. (That’s kind of true to life sometimes, too.)
  4. Love doesn’t drive anyone crazy, but it drives them away before they can come back home again.

Maybe I read things into movies that aren’t there or that other people don’t see. But I’m a romance writer. We have a legal right to do that.