Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Cavern . . . with a C

1-trip5The day we got to Noel, we decided to go to the Bluff Dwellers’ Cavern. The funny thing is, G-Man had just told me he’d been through about all (!) the caves he’d wanted to visit. What’d we do right off the bat?

Well, we thought we were visiting a cliff dweller place like at Mesa Verde, Colorado. Ever been there?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s just too cool for school! I love visiting MV, although I haven’t been there in several years, I don’t think it changed much. (:)

So I’m thinking this won’t be a cave. It’s a cliff dwelling. Well, as usual, I. Was. Wrong. (Big surprise. Not.)

Before we entered the cave, though, we embarked on the Shay Family #1 Vaca pursuit. A museum!!! (We LURVE museums.)

They had cool stuff, but I didn’t quite get it. They had rocks, but they weren’t all out of the cave we were about to explore. And they had petrified stuff (like a bird’s nest WITH EGGS) but they weren’t from the cave, either. And they had some really cool antiques from the time when Mr. Browning discovered the cave. They didn’t come out of the cave, either. (sigh)

And the museum wasn’t completely air conditioned. I got finished in there f-a-s-t!

Finally, we went into the cave, which was a cool 57 degrees. It had one room with some soot on the walls that meant area Indians had spent cold winter days inside. That was it for the dwellers. 😦  (Bummer.)

It wasn’t too long before we got to the good stuff.

Have I mentioned I’m just the tiniest bit claustrophobic? I pray a lot when we’re in caves.

1-trip16  Spaghetti or a string mop? Nope. it’s a cave formation. Weird, huh?


These are stalactites and stalagmites. And when they grow together, they’re a column. They grow about an inch a year in a wet year. God takes His time inside the earth.

1-trip15These aren’t drapes. They’re a formation that is flattish and thin. (Sorry, I can’t remember what the guide called them.) You can play music on them, though. 😛

1-trip12 ♪♪♪ Rubber Ducky . . . you’re the one. ♪♪♪


We only saw one critter in the entire cave, although they told us we might see salamanders and/or little crab thingies. It was a very, very fat bat. So fat, he looked like a furry tan ping pong ball. (What is it about me and bats?)

I’m constantly amazed that God could create such amazingly fantastic formations and hide them underground. If I’d created something like that, I’d have a lightning strike it at least once every few moments to remind people that I’d put something special there that they all needed to run in and look at.

But God, being God, doesn’t do things my way. He puts what He has for us where it needs to be and reveals it at just the right time so the beauty is simply amazing.

And aren’t we glad He does?