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Still playing make believe.

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Taking a Header

another-header.jpgI tried this for a header, but changed my mind. Cute though, isn’t it? 🙂 I saw it on a truck bumper while we were in Noel, Mo, and had to grab a shot.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s no way I think I’m Susie Q, and I don’t have a fan club. I couldn’t afford to pay off enough people to have one.  And I really don’t like the name Susie for me. (I love other people named Susie, though.)

I just thought this was a cute bumper sticker.

When I was about four-years-old (before we moved to C-Town) Dad’s horse, Chi-Chi, had a colt and she was mine! Naturally, I got to name her.

Now, my cousins Randal and Roger and Rodney all had their own horses. Randal’s horse was Randy. Roger’s horse was Rog. And Rodney’s horse was Rod. (Imagination? No, why do you ask?)

Because these were all my older cousins, I thought I was supposed to name my horse the same way. I told Mama I wanted to name my horse Susan, but Mom said no. That was stupid.

“Can I name her Susie Q?” I asked.

Mom sighed. “If you want.”

“Good!” I was thrilled. “And the Q stands for cute!”

Okay, I never claimed to be a genius. 😉

BTW: If you read Marilyn Pappano books, you might recognize part of that story. LOL.

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Ginger Blue

G-Man and I took a short trip over the weekend to Noel, Missouri. We had a great time!

We stayed at the Ginger Blue Inn, a Bed and Breakfast just a few miles outside Noel. The owners are Lynn and William, and they’re wonderful people.

Delicious breakfasts, pointers about things to see and do, and even peach tea in our room one afternoon.

I loved the deck, the grounds and everything about the place.

More tomorrow. (Gotta go to work.)