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Babies are Springing Up All Over

Have I mentioned that the Spess Clan is growing with leaps and bounds? We got two new additions just recently and wow! Those nieces of mine did a fantastic job!!!

260277_586836311348945_527513799_nThese are Kendal’s two children. AKA–Sister Cindy’s grandchildren. (Well, two of them.)  Aren’t they adorable???

954820_597685926930650_1539731043_nHere’s Cindy’s granddaughter with her daddy. The love just radiates, doesn’t it?

happy babyBeautiful Kendal with her baby girl.

941829_590261407673102_455470_nI don’t know that I’ve seen a happier baby e-v-e-r! I makes me grin just to see her pictures. (I haven’t had a chance to love on her yet. But when I get my great-aunt time, look out!)


This is her great-grandmother holding her. Her granddaddy is there in the background.


This is Niece Ashley and her crew. (AKA Brother Jeffrey’s grandchildren.) Aren’t they sweet, sweet, sweet?


My brand new great niece. Couldn’t you just love on this baby for hours?

1010564_10101266488429002_1191482151_nProud Brother Jeffrey. Don’t you love his smile?

998344_10101266187851362_945497399_nAunt Laura getting in some baby time. 🙂

1044903_10101266106070252_1006852547_nI love this picture of the exhausted daddy. Having babies is hard work!

But here’s my favorite picture of the entire bunch. (BTW: All the pictures are from Facebook. LOL)

1044126_10101266103595212_43243435_nYou can’t see expressions. You can’t really see who it is in the picture. But this is a picture taken when Ashley’s getting close to delivering, and Ashley’s Mama is praying with her.

Does it affect anyone else the way it does me? It brings tears to my eyes.

I saw a picture a few years ago of a friend of mine, praying with her daughter and her bridesmaids just seconds before her wedding. I cried over that one, too.


Well, I’m a crybaby, for one thing. 😉

But the real deal is, these Women of God were in the midst of absolute chaos (and if you’ve ever been almost to deliver a baby or in the hustle and bustle of a wedding, you know what I’m talking about) and they stopped everything to simply pray. To stop the turmoil and simply talk to the Father.

They know what’s important in this world.

And it’s beautiful.

Ps: None of these pictures are mine. They belong to the mommies of these beautiful babies.