Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


The Longest Day

Of the year (not the movie) started this morning at 12:04.

I was on the deck this morning with Gideon when the sun came up. I noticed a cloud, bisecting Old Sol, and decided to snap a pic.

So I ran inside and grabbed my camera. Do you know how different the sun looks through the lens of a camera?

1sunJust the flick of a setting


and it’s a different world. Or sun. 🙂


Another flick and there’s more light.

1sun3The sun at night. (Not really.)

1sun4It’s closer, then it’s farther away.

Cameras are so much fun! They change the world, don’t they? (Temporarily, at least.)

1sunny4A few more shots around the longest day.

1sunnyday5Along the fence.

1sunnydayRusty the Rooster moved up on the deck in my washtub. 🙂


Lettuce hiding behind Rusty.

1sunnyday3Cucumbers blooming. (Pickles next?)

1sunnyday6And my favorite hydrangea.

The longest day of the year in our yard. Well, the morning at least. 😉