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Still playing make believe.


Catchin’ Up

How was your week?

Mine was busy, busy, busy!

I was at the conference last weekend, which means doing this week what didn’t get done last weekend. You know, all those pesky little things like laundry. And watering and feeding, etc.

And I’ve been trying to write twenty hours a week, because Jodi Thomas promises that if you’ll write twenty hours a week, you’ll be a NYT best selling author. I’d love to put her to the test! (I’ll let you know if I work up to 20/week.)

Rhonda-and-JodiMy Publisher, Rhonda Penders, and Jodi Thomas.

And we had a shower for Niece Ashley, who’ll be having a baby girl sometime in June to go with her two foster/soon-to-be adopted daughters. (A household full of girls? Who’s ever heard the like?)



Since I’m not Sister Debbie, the super hospitable sister, I’ve not had a hand in many showers. I had a hard time figuring how many to plan for and how much food to make for that many. Here’s the prob: How many tea sammies will the average shower attendee consume? And how much stuff do I need to buy to make that many sammies? (Oh, the stress!)

Next time, I’ll use my number for RSVPs so I can be sure I’m stressed to THE MAX! (And I’ll try to remember how many sammies each recipe makes.) AND I’ll start planning my part of the food before the day prior to the party.

Yikes. That might have been my last shower.


And of course, we had Mother’s Day. Don’t you love get togethers when you don’t have to clean or cook? I do! And I love getting presents. (Yes! I cleaned up!!!)

I got a garden gift card (yay!) and a gorgeous necklace that echoes my heart (yay! yay!) AND a garden scooter. (When it gets here.) 🙂 I’m telling you, my kids know me.

We played a game I called, “Happy Mama Memories,” but it turned into “Let’s Embarrass Mama.” So much fun! (rolling my eyes.)

I made my kids happy by NOT taking my camera. So no pictures, but we had a ball.

More shower pics: