Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


She Knows.

My heart hurts today. (Bet yours does, too.)

Someone bombed the Boston Marathon, killing three people, one of them an eight-year-old, and maimed at least 10 more.

A friend’s cancer was recently diagnosed terminal. Time is short.

At least two of my friends have had children who died recently.

An earthquake killed 40 people somewhere in the world.

Men ignore their children. No child support. No fatherly attention. (Or the wrong kind.)

What’s a person to do when so many around her are hurting, and she has a dark, heavy, hard-to-breathe feeling? Break down? Live with depression? Suffer?


All I have to do is look to at one of my friends who has lost more than one child for an example. This woman lives with the joy of today.


She has two wonderful daughters who she enjoys to the max rather than spending each day mourning the two she lost. amy-and-the-girls

She sees how magical it is to be in the world today, and have a sure and certain faith in the Lord.


She knows God is good. He loves us and wants all that is happy, beautiful and joyful for us. His mercies are everlasting and being with him in the By-and-By will be even more wonderful than what we have today.

And since I’m with her every day, I’ll just keep learning from her. She knows.