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Howl-y Galley

Katimik, a former inhabitant of Mission: Wolf ...

Guess what!

I received the galley for MAKE ME HOWL! I’m jumping-up-and-down-screaming-my-head-off excited!!! So excited, I might use up my quota of exclamation points today.


If you’ve never seen a galley, it looks like the pages of a real book with the author’s name (mine. Squee!!!) at the top of one page and the title on the next, and the lines are all numbered down the left side of the page. The lines are justified with extra spaces between the words so each one begins and ends in the same place. (Except for the last line in a paragraph.)

Looks pretty cool, too! 😉


I’m reading through my entire book one more time before it goes to press, looking for typos, mistakes and boo-boos. (Last chance ranch, baby!)

And you know what? This book’s not bad! (Even if I do say so myself. LOL) Even though I’ve been deep in it for a while now, with more than a few partial and complete read-throughs, I’m not a bit bored. That’s a good thing. (Hopefully, that means readers will enjoy it, too.)

And one more really exciting thing. When I get the galley finished and back to my editor, I’ll be ready to receive my pub date.

Big, big grin.


Guess I’ll get back to it.

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