Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Make Me Howl

In case you’re one of the three people in the free world I haven’t shown this to, here’s my new book cover!

MakeMeHowl_w7696_750-(4)Isn’t it gorgeous? The cover artist, Debbie Taylor of DCA Graphics, is so talented! Makes me wonder how in the world she does it. Does she start with a photograph? Is this a painting?

Terminally Curious wants to know! 🙂 Maybe I can get an interview with her for next week.

Since I’ve been asked several times, here’s what I have to do with the cover–nearly nothing. LOL.


I fill out a questionnaire called an Art Facts Sheet that tells about my story and I look at covers on my publisher’s website and tell them which ones are close to what I’m hoping for.

BTW: My publisher, The Wild Rose Press, has been chosen Best Book Publisher for the 5th year in a row! (WOOHOO!)

That’s it. I don’t see the cover beforehand. When it’s ready, they check with me to make sure my name and the title of my book are spelled right.

Debbie Taylor gets 100% of the kudos for this cover.


Oh, wait. Jazzy wants to say hi. Here she is–

Good grief. I thought Susan would never shut up. That woman can talk, can’t she? It’s nice to meet you. My name is Jazzy Cannis. I’m a successful wardrobe designer and personal shopper.

Lucky me, I was born with a killer sense of style, biting sense of humor and an active Lycan gene. And I had life figured out, too. All I had to do was stay in control all the time. I couldn’t get too angry, too wild or too excited or I’d wolf out. No prob.

Enter Chase Holliday, a vet at the drive through zoo, and a serious hunk. The trouble is, Mr. Always-In-Total-Control is an animal geneticist, and he’s out to eradicate every werewolf on the planet. He believes safety lies in making werewolves only the stuff of fairytales. To reach that goal, he works every spare moment isolating the Lycan gene.

Then he met me. The man in the iron will, who’d spent his life exercising it, thought he could handle this wild woman.


Well, that’s Jazzy, the quintessential wild woman. I’ll let you know when she’s ready to pounce on the world. 🙂