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About My Blog

I signed up for a blog growing party several weeks ago. BUT I couldn’t remember what I was supposed to do. 😦


I believe I’m supposed to tell about my blog and have a give away. (That’s at the end–so you have to read all the way.)

I’ve been blogging a while (longer than I care to remember.) I’ve read you should blog whatever your passion is. Naturally, I blog about LIFE, the small town world I live in, the small town business I work in and the things I stumble across.

Back in the fall, we took a family vacation which, due to illness and prior commitments  dwindled to a half-family vacation in Eureka Springs. On the way there, we went to one of my favorite arts and crafts shows, War Eagle.

I shared some of the pictures I took there when I told you about Fall Tripping. But I didn’t show you this.


This was for sale at War Eagle, but I didn’t have enough room for it in my car. Isn’t it adorable, though? I can see lots of family pics in those frames. 🙂

After War Eagle, we went on to Eureka Springs and checked into our hotel.


Before long, we drove out of town, and happened onto this man’s artist studio. The man and his wife were so talented. They did all the work, including building their house and sidewalk and everything else around the place. (Except some of the tools.)

artist's-ideaIsn’t this beautiful? The artist had a beautiful image of a unicorn, didn’t he?

artist's-glassesThis fanciful pair of glasses were taller than I am. Aren’t they great?

artist-mail-boxThis was the artist’s mailbox. And yes, he built it himself. I’m thinking I need one just like that!

Tree-Loving-DILIn Eureka we found trees to love. 🙂 (That’s my tree hugging DIL, Nikki.)

And we saw this beautiful church. We didn’t go in, but it was pretty to see from where we were.

Catholic-ChurchIt’s a Catholic Church. You enter through the belfry. I was there once when I was in college. That was the first time I’d ever seen the stations of the cross.

I’m a member of a Christian Church and we don’t go into the cross’s stations, but they were beautiful. I followed them around the entire church, so I could see each one.

So that’s pretty much what my blog is about. Small town life, family, trips and crafts–mine and the crafts other people make.

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