Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


All Welcome Cafe

Okay, I didn’t do what I thought I would do yesterday, but I almost did.

Here’s what happened. Sunday, Sister Debbie (gorgeous, isn’t she?)

debtold me she’d volunteered, but mentioned as far as she knew, she’d be on her own.

Always up for an adventure, I said I’d help. 🙂 So I went to work early, then an hour and a half later, I took off and ended up parked here.

manna-crossThose red notes nailed to the cross are prayer requests.


This is the door into the Manna Café.

“All are welcome. All are welcome!”

Manna is a place in C-Town where anyone can eat, and there’s no charge. Age, job status, lifestyle, bad attitude, no matter.

Everybody really is welcome.

When the volunteers get there, they look at this.


to find out what they’re preparing. Everything is there, and the volunteers run with it.

manna-chickenYesterday’s fare was fried chicken (might have been oven fried, but it looked delicious!) mashed potatoes with REAL potatoes, gravy and salad.

And dessert? The cutest cake you’ve ever seen.

manna-cakeIsn’t it adorable? Someone spent some time decorating that cake, and it was donated to The Café.

Sister Debbie (the clown on the right)

deb clownwas mistaken though. She had lots of partners volunteering at the café.

manna-workersPreachers’ wives, homeschooling moms, homeschooled kids, retired people and even someone I didn’t know (imagine that!) all showed up to help out.

The kitchen is professional in every way. I’d love to have a gorgeous stove and oven like theirs in my home! Except I’d have to do way more cooking than I do if I had it. Twice a year big-deal-meals just wouldn’t be enough.

The part of the café where the patrons eat is beautiful, clean and very welcoming.

manna-kids  This is a volunteer, not a partaker. Nice kiddo, too!

manna-servingThis is on the wall in the kitchen. Love it!

The really sad part? They didn’t need me. 😦 There were so many volunteers, I was extra baggage.

So I went back to work, where I tried to talk my co-workers into going back for free lunch, but I got no takers.

I got to help cook at work, though. I’ll tell you more about that, and add a recipe, another day.

Anyone remember what manna is, who ate it and what it tasted like? BTW: The answer doesn’t have to be from personally experiencing it. LOL!