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Still playing make believe.


New Ah-ha video from Holly Jacobs–Queen of the (Wild) Kingdom

I posted a Youtube of Holly Jacobs Aha Moment she taped for Mutual of Omaha.

Remember Wild Kingdom, sponsored by Mutual of Omaha? Well, Holly is now the Queen of the (Wild) Kingdom! (In my book, anyway.)

Check it out.


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Let’s Play a Game

A Smart Woman Can Get What She Wants for Mothe...

How about, “Where’s Susan?” 😉

Since it’s Saturday, I must be blogging over at the Smart Women Blog. I’m talking about the rules of writing.

Here’s a snippet–

When I think about the rules in writing, a little voice inside me goes, “Rules? We don’t need no stinkin’ rules!”  And to a degree, that’s true. There are very few hard and fast rules.

I’ll share the ones I’ve gathered along the way with you.

Want to read more? Check it out.

And please, let me know if that link doesn’t work. 🙂