Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Mannford Burning

My heart hurts this morning for the fire victims here in northeast Oklahoma.

Larry Lawrence photos.

These pictures were taken about seven miles northwest of Mannford, Oklahoma.

Larry Lawrence photo.

Seven miles, and the flames were that visible. That’s just plain scary. From my house, the flames made a bright orange glow in the sky.

KRMG’s Russell Mills

This picture is from Highway 51, looking south into Mannford. That’s the water tower with the purple pirate painted on it.

KRMG’s Russell Mills

This is from Highway 51, looking south again.

KRMG Photo

This picture was taken eight hours ago. The fire was still burning.

Larry Lawrence Photo

The area fire departments are all out, fighting the blaze, and so is the National Guard in their helicopters.

Larry Lawrence Photo

I don’t know how much water a helicopter can carry, but it must feel huge when they’re lifting it. When looking down on the flames and the huge burning area, does it feel like very much?

Does the water’s weight, hanging below like that, make the craft hard to handle? Unweldy? Dangerous?

But what isn’t dangerous when fighting wild fire?

I’m praying for the people in those helicopters as well as the fire fighters on the ground. And I’m praying for the people whose homes and property are being destroyed by the fires.

Please join me.