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Laughter, Lights and Sparklers

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Today’s Wednesday, July 4th, 2012. A middle of the week holiday isn’t what most people enjoy–they’d rather have a Friday or Monday so they can have an extended weekend. I kind of like having Wednesday off.

If I’d been at the Continental Congress in 1776 when they signed the Declaration of Independence, I’d have suggested we wait and sign it in October. “After all, it’s cooler then and the leaves are gorgeous colors. Families will love to get together and celebrate at that time of the year.”

Congress Voting Independence, a depiction of t...

Congress Voting Independence, a depiction of the Second Continental Congress voting on the United States Declaration of Independence. Oil on canvas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I could enjoy fireworks in October. For sure.

As it is, we’re celebrating in the hottest and driest month of the year. 😉

Omega, her spouse and I took a quiz yesterday about the history of our country. Very interesting, learning what I didn’t know about American history. I didn’t do too poorly. (Surprised me.)

Multiple choice questions, thank heaven. At least it gave me a clue so I could figure out some of them. Some I knew. A few I missed were just stupid.

I hoped for questions such as, “What year did the founding fathers sign the Declaration of Independence?” and “What’s a skate key used for?” Instead I got questions like, “What was the Missouri Compromise?” and “What was the Detroit something-or-other?”

There were twenty-five questions, and Noel (Omega’s husband) and I tied–we both got 19 right. If I were writing the quiz, I’d ask, “Where did Susan learn the answers to the questions she got right?”

  • A- From romances she’s read over the years.
  • B- From movies she’s watched over the years.
  • C- From living with G-Man all these years.
  • D- All of the above.

What do you think?

Wishing you a 4th full of family, food, laughter, lights and sparklers!