Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Happy-Face ☺☺☺

I got the neatest present. And it was a complete surprise! I’m not sure who gave it to me. The birds. My man (when he fed the birds.) Or God.

I first noticed Sunny when she stood about knee high, so I pointed it out to G-Man. “Please mow around it.”

He was happy to go with me on that one. 🙂 Pretty soon, we noticed it was growing with leaps and bounds. “I think it grew at least a foot since last night.”

This morning, I glanced out the window. WHOA!

I didn’t plant it, I don’t water it. I haven’t fertilized it. God makes it grow.

He does a much better job than I do!

It’s covered with buds.

When I see a field of sunflowers growing, each only has one bloom at the top. Sunny (that’s what I named this one) has buds all the way down the stalk. Does someone pinch off those buds so the top bloom is larger on the “real” sunflowers?

But I can’t wait to see Sunny, covered with big yellow, happy-face blooms!

And today at the very top–

–a crown!