Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Wonder Weekend

I spent the weekend with my sisters and we had a fantastic time! Not the Spess Girls, though. The RWI girls.

Our motley crew.

Shirts say, “Smart Women Read Romance . . . I write it.” 🙂

You could call us the S Troop.

This is a Smart, Savvy, Supportive group of women. And get this–out of the 14 pictured, nine are published in romance.

I’ll name them so you’ll know whose books to look for. (The published members are in bold, the soon-to-be published in regular.)

From left to right–Me, Kt Somerville, Jackie Kramer, Lynn Somerville, Linda Trout and Peggy Fielding.

Back row, left to right– Jan Warren, Kathlyn Smith, Jennifer Adolph, Marilyn Pappano, Kathleen Y’barbo, Jackie King, Marion Grace and Holly Bazan.

Of the five ladies who aren’t published, I’m sure it won’t be long before they are. So keep their names in mind, too. 🙂

I learned a ton this weekend, and the funny part is, I learn as much from the unpubbed members are I do the published ones. It’s a wonderful group of women to be part of.

But any time I do something like spend time with my girls, I miss something else. This weekend, I missed the arrival of Dad’s one-day-old chicks.

I hated missing the big day after all the excitement of preparation for them. Naturally I asked for pictures.

 Aren’t just-out-of-the-shell chicks cute? Makes me want to cuddle one or two while I can–before they can peck my eyes out. LOL.

Their enclosure is round to keep them from piling up in the corners and smothering each other. There are pebbles in the water to make it shallow, so the babies can’t fall in and drown.

I’m looking forward to seeing these little guys in person soon. And to eating their eggs. I wonder how long it’ll be before they’re mature enough to lay? Which one will mature first? Are the non-producing chicks jealous when one starts to produce?

I don’t know.

Are non-published writers jealous when others publish? That depends on the unpubbed writer. Over the years, I have seen some that are.

In our group, though, the answer is no. (Well, good jealous, maybe, but not the ugly kind.)

Why? Because the professionals in our crew will work nearly as hard to help the others as she does on her own stuff.

And that’s a pretty nice group to be part of. BTW: Marilyn has a new book available. Check it out!

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