Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Can You Guess . . . ?

Matt, Nikki and I took a roadtrip the other evening to a very special place.

 No, we weren’t there to pick grapes. Too early in the season.

This fountain played its magic tune all night long.

 Tables that would soon be filled with laughing, joyous people.

This creekbed was dry. I’m guessing that was just in case someone fell in. Or not. 🙂

Can you guess why we were there? Here’s a hint–


Have to love a sister who can still crack you up.

 The sisters, less one. (Missed you, #4)

Sweet nephew.

Another adorable nephew.And bowers of flowers. (Fantastic job, Celebrations.)

Mama’s rose.

Final hint.

So, can you guess why we were there? (Bet you can!) I have more pictures for you . . . later!