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Garden Play

Yesterday, being Saturday, I got to play in my garden. But before I could play, I had to hit a couple of garden stores. 🙂

 Just about noon, so the shadows are awful. Hopefully, you can see the falls.

I probably should mention, this is not my pond. It’s at the garden store and just beautiful. I’ll be redoing mine this year, so I took the pictures for inspiration. (I’ll be checking out Larry Lawrence’s pond pics, too, when I get started.)

Nice, isn’t it?

 Can you see the stream, leading from the falls to the actual pond itself? So natural looking.

My pond won’t look just like this, of course. If I’m doing it, it won’t be nearly that perfect. 🙂 But I’ll love it just the same. You can barely make out the skimmer on the right. The water goes out there to be pumped back to the falls. When it goes out, leaves and other debris land in the basket. Great idea! I hope to borrow that for sure.

Of course, there was way more than just a pond at the store. I’m always worried someone will stop me when I take pictures like that, so I try not to take too many.

Couldn’t resist this guy, though.

No, I didn’t buy him, but I’m thinking he’d make a great HRIC. (Head Rooster In Charge.)

When I finally got home, I went to work in earnest. All the gardens needed watering, and I planted several babies but I didn’t get finished. (I need a pot and new soil for some herbs.)

Next I cleared part of the deck, moved a washstand to said deck and plan to copy Sister Deb’s design. (Sincerest form of flattery. Right?)

And then I attacked what used to be my herb garden. It was a casual garden, even in the beginning. My sage flowed into my lemon verbena, which grew near my chives, and they all grew in front of my lavender.

And then I planted oregano. At least I believe it was oregano. Whatever it was, I call it Hitler. The big bully marched right over everything as if it was his right. He trampled the sage, which had a branch about an inch in diameter, and got my lemon verbena without blinking an eye. Swallowed the chives whole!

The only thing he didn’t get is my lavender. But that’s because my lavender was too big to attack.

I dug up the oregano yesterday with a sharp shooter shovel. It felt good!

But I had to dig the lavender up, too.

I’ll never be able to work on the pond with him in the way, but I’ll miss him. He’s given me tons of fragrance over the years.

 A view of the body.

Here’s the last offender–polk. He’s gone now, too. All that’s left is to move all the rocks and get started. 🙂

Oh, I forgot to mention. I ran into this little guy, romping in the yard, a couple of times.

More on the bunny saga later in the week. 🙂

Are you a gardener? What’s your favorite garden chore? Least favorite?

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