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Dork World

I read other blogs, and so many of them are wonderful! It makes me just a little bit jealous because very few bloggers ever showed dork tendencies as kids. I was a very dorky kid. Or maybe I was nerdy. I’m not really sure of the difference, but I know I wasn’t geeky. I don’t have that kind of smarts. :)Cousin Liz reminded me about what a dork I was last year. The scene of my dorkdom was Grandma Reeves house.

Grandma Reeves didn’t live in just one house while I was growing up. She didn’t mind moving at all, and lived in several houses over the years. One time, she lived on magical farm, just outside of C-Town.

We called her farm the Mead Place because, well, the Mead Family owned it.

There was a huge garden, which Grandma brought to life each spring, a pen for Granddad’s hunting dogs, a barn where Blue their Cow lived, three ponds to fish in, and a horse to ride–yes, it came with the place.

And the house! I loved that house. Of course, I was six or seven when they moved to our Small Town World. I know that, because Cousin Sherry or her brother Joe Ray was born when Grandma lived in that house. (We were so excited!)

It might not have been the newest house in the world, but to my eye, it was wonderous.You’d think that, since it’s the scene of hundreds of my dorkisms, I wouldn’t have so many fond memories. But I do!

The house was two story with a farm kitchen (naturally) one bedroom downstairs, three or four up, a screened in front AND back porch and a stair case you could slide down if you were very careful.

Cousin Liz would come out from T-Town and stay with Grandma for a week or two in the summer, which made Sister Debbie and me ecstatic! One of the reasons we loved Liz so much is that she never treated us like little kids, even though we were several years younger. She treated us as if we were teenagers, too, and friends, so we loved to get to be around her.

Liz always stayed in the middle upstairs bedroom at Grandma’s, right over the screened in front porch. The bedroom had two windows for good ventolation. I’m not sure if the windows didn’t have screens on them or if Liz knew how to take them off and then replace them, but the summer she brought one of her friends out from T-Town with her, they didn’t get in the way.

Dork Night, as I remember it, was beautiful. Because there were no street lights in the country, you could see every star in the sky. The moon was so bright, it made the two giant cedar trees in the front yard look kind of silvery.

I don’t know if Liz and her friend were admiring the night or just having fun doing something a little bit dangerous, but they decided it would be fun to go out onto the roof of the porch outside those windows.

I remember watching them go out one window and come in the other one. After a while, they decided to sit on that roof and chat a bit.

Liz looked in the window at me. “Want to come out here and sit on the roof with us?”

Get ready. Proof of my natural dork-ability is about to happen. *sigh*

I can only guess what I looked like, since I couldn’t see me.

Remember those little girls at school who wouldn’t play Herd-of-Horses or Wolf Family at school because they might get their dresses dirty? (You didn’t play those games in your school?)

The girls who closed their eyes when they talked, always made 100 on their homework and never, ever folded their paper the wrong way? I figure I looked just like one of them.

That would have been absolutely the ONLY time in my life I looked like one of them. I promise. But that one night, I did. *sigh, again*

So, nerd that I was, I channeled that I’m-too-good-and-clean-pain-in-the-patootie-girl.

“No. I don’t believe my parents would want me to do that.”

I feel very fortunate that Liz and her friend didn’t laugh their guts out and fall right off that roof. I probably would have. She didn’t even call me a dork or a nerd. I probably would have done that, too.

She just went back out and sat with her friend. (Yeah, they might have been smoking, but I wouldn’t tell on Liz. No matter what!) *sigh, a third time*

I wonder if there’s a Twelve Step Program for dorks somewhere out there?