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National Day of Prayer

Is it Nation Prayer Day or the National Day of Prayer? I’m not sure, but today is that day.

Do you observe it? I kind of look at every day as a day of prayer, but I love that our nation has a day set aside to observe it. There’s even a website, complete with a prayer. (Need a jump-start? Here you go!)

So, this years prayers? Mine will be for family and friends, of course. Some I see everyday, some I seldom see face-to-face, but still love the stuffings out of them.

I’m praying for a couple of babies who are on their way into this world.

I’m praying I’ll someday soon have a special baby on its way into my life. 🙂

I’m praying for my Small Town World. We’re going through some rocky times right now. Sides will be taken, fingers pointed. Words will be said, people hurt and, possibly, friendships ended. But we have a town full of good people who’d jump at the chance to help out a friend or stranger.

We will survive.

I’m praying for people who’ve had their hearts hurt and are still aching because of it. And for people who are alone and lonely. And for those who don’t know the Lord.

I can’t just ask, though. There’s too much to be thankful for–

My sweet family. All of them, from my man to my kids and kids-in-law (Is that a real term? It should be!) my sibs and their crews, cousins, aunts, uncles, greats, seconds, third and fourths!

The beauty of the world around us, especially this spring with all the rain.

For health. Imagination. Laughter. Joy.

And what about music? Color? Fragrance in the world around us? And taste?

You know, God could have created a black and white world with no odors, no sound and no beauty in it, and we could have survived. Instead, He blessed us a beautiful, harmonic, aromatic place to exist, and I’m so very thankful!

And I’m very thankful for Okieland, AND America. For our history as well as our future.

Today is National Prayer Day. Will you be praying?

So . . . what’s on your list?