Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Garden Blessing

Finally! My garden is cleaned up and ready for spring. I know, just a few months AFTER the rest of the world, but I have an excuse. That boy scout in need of his help-a-cranky-old-lady badge I was hoping for never did show up.

I took me all day yesterday to finish cleaning them up. Well, most of them, anyway. 🙂 So there I am, on my knees. The day is beautiful and where I live is fairly quiet, so naturally I’m praying while I work. Family. Friends. People God has reminded me this past week I’m supposed to be praying for.

And while I’m dragging out dead grass and praying, I find a hollow in the ground.

What? I used my handy-dandy garden tool thingy and under some dead grass I see fur. Ew! Did something die there?

No, but a weird hole has washed out. Why? I wondered. Then I hollered for G-Man and my camera.

Something is in that hole. But what? Mice? Rats? Oh, please not gophers.

Can you see them? God blessed me with a nest full of bunnies. I can’t see all of them, but there’s at least four there.

 Can you see those eight ears in there? LOL!

I know, they might not be a blessing next week or next month, but for today, they blessed the socks right off me.

God’s handiwork is amazing!

Now, if I can just get a few more garden plans taken care of this weekend!