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Thank Goodness It’s Friday!


Two young girls having fun in swimming lessons.


Does that phrase make your heart beat just a little faster? It does mine. I love the weekend!

For different people, the week’s end means different things. I have one writer friend who LOVES Mondays, because that means everyone goes back to school/work/whatever and she can get back to her life as she lives it.

Another lives for the weekends, barely making it through the days in between and reliving the weekend happenings as often as possible.

When I was in school, Friday meant beans and jeans day. Most of us loved having brown beans and cornbread at school, but for some reason, the cafeteria only served them on Fridays. (Maybe the gas building properties of the legume.) Being a devote britches girl, wearing a skirt every day was killer, so getting to wear jeans one-day-a-week some years and one day every-other-week others was a joy! So I loved Fridays even then.

Around the Spess house, we spent Saturday getting ready for Sunday morning church. When we were small, we took turns having Mama washed our hair in the kitchen sink. She’d roll it up on brush rollers, then we’d sit under the big old metal hairdryer until we were dry.

It was wonderful having Mama’s undivided attention for those few moments, so we never minded unless we were busy doing something fun when she called us for our turn. 🙂

In the summertime, after church on Sunday we nearly always went to one of the lakes in the area. (Okie-Land is filled with lakes.) All the aunts, uncles, cousins, Grandmother, Granddad and usually a few friends would take a ton of food and drive to the lake shore with someone dragging a boat.

All the kids could swim like perch in a pond, courtesy of C-Town’s free swimming lessons they gave every year. (Cousin from Old Ford came to C-Town and stayed with G and G while they took lessons.)

The uncles and Dad swam like they were born to it, but Grandmother and Aunt Phyllis didn’t swim very well, if at all. They’d both had friends who drown and were frightened of the water.

So when the girl cousins were swimming, Aunt Phyllis would make periodic trips to the edge of the water and yell, “You girls are out too far. Get back in this way!”

We’d put our feet on bottom and stand up to show her the water wasn’t very much over waist deep. But it still scared her, so we’d head back toward the too shallow stuff.

But even though Aunt Phyllis drown our hopes of swimming in the Olympics (as if) she fed us well. And we loved it! She made better fried chicken than the Colonel ever dreamed of.

I can’t begin to tell you the food we had at the lake. Sometimes there’d be roast, others hamburgers, and always vegetables, homemade pickles and salads and desserts everywhere. By the end of the summer, watermelons were the star attraction.

I’m telling you, the Spess gang can do some damage to a watermelon patch!

Wintertime, we didn’t get together with our cousins as much, but weekends were still fun.

As an adult, I still love the guts out of my weekends. When the kids were small, it meant extra time to spend with them. For a while we went out in our pontoon boat every weekend, but not with all their cousins. We lived too far away for them to come all the time.

Now I use that extra time to work in my garden or write or knit or spend time with my man. And once in a while, I like just vegging. (I didn’t do much of that when my kids were still home.)

“Let’s watch old movies all night… we’ll just veg out in front of the TV.”

Veg out?”

“Yeah. Be still like vegetables. Lay like broccoli.”

Name that movie!

I’ll probably spend this weekend in my garden, fighting off ticks. 🙂 I’ll plant a few tomatoes Romanza raised in her greenhouse and get things ready for mulch. And I’ll break out the Roundup. (Can’t live without it!)

With a little luck, I might get to watch an old movie or two.

How are you going to celebrate the weekend?

Author: Susan Shay

For as long as I can remember, I've loved two things--reading and people--and that led me to become a writer. Many of my stories are set in Small Town Worlds. I'm a wife, mother, sibling and an aunt. I have a deep faith in God, and an exciting life in Christ. Maybe I shouldn't be (after all, he's God!) but I'm constantly amazed at the things He's up to. :)

7 thoughts on “Thank Goodness It’s Friday!

  1. Going to TWO garden sales and planting some of the 25 flats of flowers I bought at various locations around Mannford. Think I’ll get done? 🙂

  2. How blessed we were, what a great childhood! Not only did we have great fun with the cousins, but we lived in the best neighborhood in the world!!!!! So many great memories, such great friends.

    Now, Saturday ‘Hair Day’. Before the ‘big metal hair dryer’, we had to wear those curlers all day & night!!! And of course, you never ‘got’ to endure one if Mom’s famous perms! Did you get the hairbrush smack with “sit still”? And was it just me who got 1/2 inch bangs? (maybe those were the result of not enough hair brush smacks, she had to keep cutting to get them straight!

    Love you

    • We were just lucky our hair didn’t sour before it got dry. There was so much up there! I think I had a perm once, but I walked in the rain the next day and Mom said I ruined it. (Bad Susan! Bad!!!)
      YOU were the queen of short bangs. I think I got brush-whacked the most. Precious memories!

  3. The movie is Pretty Woman!
    I am sure that you and Deb remember that I whined because I hated sleeping in the rollers, they itched! So, Mom gave me pin curls with bobby pins!
    Now, I don’t have weekends, just a rare day off or two. So, I usually clean house to catch up!
    Love you!

    • I do remember your pin curls. I thought it was so you’d have pretty hair. I’m suprised she didn’t give you rag rollers instead of pin curls. You’d have loved those.

  4. This weekend will be another busy one…wish it wasn’t! Today my daughter is involved in a car wash to raise money for her 6th grade class. Tomorrow our beloved fur baby has her first “dog school” class! She isn’t so good at making friends…we will see how that goes! In between…laundry,church, need desperately too plant some tomatoes and basil. I love the weekends because I can cook better meals (better meaning more time intensive, the good stuff, like chicken fried steak). I am also having my first blog giveaway, looking forward to seeing how that goes. And of course a million little things in between. How many days until summer vacation???

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