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How Do You Spend Your Quiet Time?


I woke up this morning with a few questions floating around in my head. I’ll answer them, and then I’d love it if you would, too.

Isn’t it important to take time to be with the Lord? The difference inside me when I take time for it is amazing.

Of course, we need to worship with others. Churches met in houses in Bible times. Acts 20:7 says they came together on the first day of the week. And we’re told not to stop meeting with other Christians so we can encourage one another.

Hebrews 24 “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, 25not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”

I made the bold part, well, bold so I wouldn’t forget what I was talking about. 🙂

Just like we need to spend time alone time with each of our kids, we need alone time with our Heavenly Father, too. Most people in my life call it their Quiet Time. Yes, it has capital letters when they say it. What do you call it?

Jesus looked for ways to escape the crowd that followed Him so He could have a Quiet Time.

Remember David? He started life as a shepherd. Much of his time watching the sheep was spent communing with the Lord.

Psalm 103: 1 Praise the LORD, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name.

2 Praise the LORD, my soul, and forget not all his benefits—

3 who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases,

4 who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion,

5 who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

So here are the questions floating between my ears this morning.

1- Where is your favorite place to spend your Quiet Time?

I read a book years ago by Evelyn Christenson called, “What Happens When Women Pray.”

In that book, she talks about spending her time alone with the Lord in an old green chair. Later, when she’d either recovered the chair or bought a new one, she still referred to the place where she met with the Lord as her green chair. I loved that.

So my question this morning could be, “Where is your green chair?”

My Answer: My favorite green chair (when the weather is right) is on my deck, overlooking my garden. If I’m not at home, my favorite place is outside if at all possible.

I could make the argument that it’s Biblical because life began in a garden and Jesus prayed in a garden, but I don’t know that it matters WHERE we spend time with Him as long as we spend it. Why do I ask? Because I like to be able to envision you when you’re there.

2- How is your favorite way to spend your Quiet Time?

My answer: I love reading during my QT. Over the years, I’ve gone through books by Anne Ortlund, Chuck Swindoll, Max Lucado, Beth Moore, Chip Ingram and many others. Sometimes, I like to choose a book of the Bible and read through it, writing down my own impressions about what God is saying to me. It might not make sense to anyone except me, so I don’t share it. 🙂

Sometimes I listen to speakers. I’ve listened to several of Beth Moore’s Bible Studies during my QT.

Once in a while I sing to the Lord, and of course, I spend time in prayer.

3- Do you need anything besides your Bible for your QT?

My answer: I’ve heard people say you should have your QT before you do anything else in the morning. One of the authors I read (Anne Ortlund, maybe?) thought you should brush your teeth before you spend time with the Lord. LOL. If I’m going outside, I like to get dressed in case someone happens to come by.

The main thing I need is whatever book I’m reading through, my Bible and a hot cup of coffee. And something to write on. (For some reason, writers write. Go figure!)

4- Do you see a difference in your life when you take time for QT and when you don’t?

My answer: Absolutely. I respond differently to problems and people in my life when I’ve had time with Him. My days are smoother and I’m happier (so are most of the people around me.) It seems as if I see the nicer, brighter side of life when I’m Quiet Timing than when I’m not.

Now how about it? Will you answer the questions?

Happy anniversary Danny and China. I wish you many, many more!

And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my man! I love you!


Author: Susan Shay

For as long as I can remember, I've loved two things--reading and people--and that led me to become a writer. Many of my stories are set in Small Town Worlds. I'm a wife, mother, sibling and an aunt. I have a deep faith in God, and an exciting life in Christ. Maybe I shouldn't be (after all, he's God!) but I'm constantly amazed at the things He's up to. :)

10 thoughts on “How Do You Spend Your Quiet Time?

  1. I love to have my quiet time on my patio when the sun is just beginning to ‘wake up’. & of course with my CUP OF COFFEE!!!

    But when weather doesn’t permit, its in my big ol comfy chair. With my big ol cup of coffee.

    I love starting my day out quietly with the Lord. Makes my day go better, not that life each day is better, but I deal with it better because I’ve asked Him to share my day from the very beginning of the day.

  2. I love my quiet time with the Lord. When I first wake up, while I am still in bed….I pray…Then I do some knee exercises that Dr. says do while in bed. When I finally get up and get dressed and get coffee…..I like to go outside to sit in my porch swing. There is a bird bath out there and I like watching the birds. Seems like just at sunrise…all the birds wake up and start singing. I love to hear all their singing and chattering back and forth. My porch swing is on the other side of the house from the sunrise, so eventually I have to go back in the house and see it from my living room chair. Then I am ready to read for a little while.
    Yes, everything seems to go better all day long….after I spend my quiet time with the Lord. I Love him More and More everyday.

    • What a beautiful way to start your day, Pat. Isn’t it wonderful that the more we know Him, the more we want to know Him?
      Thank you for sharing, and for being such a blessing at FC3!

  3. Amazing read! I love finding out what other people do during their quiet time . It’s such a preciou time for me. I feel like it’s my time with God. God bless u! Wonderful piece!

  4. So needed to read your post this morning…I wish we were neighbors!
    Here are my answers.
    1. My favorite place is outside on my patio. I can see a bit of the sunrise, listen to the birds and hear the neighborhood waking up. In the winter I am driven inside, but there are often distractions there. Outside is calming and I can concentrate.
    2. Hot cup of coffee is a necessity, a book from a favorite Christian author(non-fiction), my bible and then anything else inspirational. Followed by prayer for the day.
    3. My coffee of course, and a small journal and pen.
    4. Yes definitely! When I make time for Quiet Time, and I use it wisely it makes a huge differance in my name. I am more prepared to handle what comes my way, more relaxed and at peace.
    Thank you for the thought provoking questions! And the gentle reminder…

    • Having a neighbor like you would be a real treat, Sash.
      Do you live in Okie Land? We might be neighbors. You never know!
      Thank you for your beautiful answers. I love knowing fellow Christians.
      Please come back and visit my Small Town World again. I love having you here.

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