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Happy Resurrection Day (aka Easter)

Easter is actually the name of a fertility goddess, so I’m going with Resurrection Sunday.

♪♫ In your Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it

you’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter Parade . . . ♫♪

Did your mama sing that song this time of year? Mine sang a lot, and this time of year she liked to sing Easter Bonnet.

We sang this is Miss Thelma’s music class, too. (Miss Thelma was reported to have a glass eye and a dying husband. She called everyone–student, parent and principal–“Honey Love.”) She even explained what a rotogravure is. Or was.

Did the Easter Bunny visit you when you were a kid? He visited me . . . a time or two. Not like I see now days, of course. It was much more fun getting to dye eggs.

Mama boiled dozens of eggs (with six kids she needed a lot) bought the dye tablets and we dyed with the scent of cider vinegar filling our heads until “the world looked level.”

Then on Easter, we’d take turns hiding and finding the eggs.

I asked my walking buddy if they did Easter eggs when she was a kid. Absolutely, her family did. Her parents hid the eggs before they got up on Easter morning, and the kids would rush out to find them. Then they peeled and ate them.

That kind of shocked me. For us, Easter eggs were hidden and found over and over until they cracked, were broken or lost. (When one was lost and found several weeks later . . . blech!)

Remember wearing Easter bonnets and white gloves? (They didn’t stay white very long when I wore them.) We had can-cans to make our skirts full and rustle-y. And since we always went to church–on Easter, too–we had Easter dinner at home. That usually meant with dad’s parents and family, but sometimes Mom’s side would go to church with us on Easter and stay for Sunday dinner.

And remember when everyone had an Easter Lilly? Sometimes we filled the church with them, other times we only saw the ones that someone sent as a gift. Grandmother planted hers in the garden when it quit blooming, and sometimes it would live and bloom again.

This evening we’re celebrating birthdays–BBs and mine. BB requested roast, mashed potatoes and gravy. I’m fixing the roast and gravy. This year since I have three adult sons with wives, I’ll have help fixing it! (Yay!)

For birthday cake we’re having strawberry shortcake. (Oh, yeah! Love that SSC.) We do it the easy way. We buy the dessert cups and fill them with strawberries, topped with whipped cream.

I don’t know if there’ll be any Easter baskets, but there might be a surprise or two. 🙂

I hope you have a happy, Spirit led, family filled Resurrection Sunday!

Ps: Without looking, do you know what a rotogravure is?