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Still playing make believe.

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Molly Our Dolly

Have you met Molly?

She’s the Queen of the Castle in these parts.

Molly doesn’t mind posing, as long as I’m quick with my pic.

When I adopted her from PAWS several years ago, she was a rescue dog. We know nothing of her background, but we love her dearly. She is such a sweetie. When we come home from work, she’s so excited she climbs on top of the furniture so we’ll pet her. First. Before we do anything else.

She loves everyone except other dogs. And any animal on TV. From buffalo to hedge hogs, if she sees one on the screen, she chases it. She’ll even stand on the arm of our love seat, so she can be on the same level as the intruding animals.

Molly doesn’t understand she is a dog. She complains a lot in the evenings when we don’t give her some of the food we’re eating.

I’m afraid she’ll be terribly insulted this weekend when she finds out she’s not invited to her brother’s wedding. She pouted for weeks after #2’s wedding last summer. “Why couldn’t I go? Aren’t I part of the family?”

Poor thing.

Of course, the fact that she gets carsick and usually pukes all over the place makes it hard for her to go anywhere.

If I’m not quick with my pic, forget it!

 She’s outta there!

But still, she feels it’s the principal of the thing. After all, she’s known the boys longer than their women have.