Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.



A couple of weeks ago, I told you about The Talk of T-Town. Remember?

What we went to see was their dress rehearsal for competition. That competition was on St. Paddy’s Day. And guess what!


Okay, THEY won! 😉

My son went to Big D to cheer them on, supportive husband that he is. (I taught that boy right!)

Tulsa has a ton of talent in that group. Not just DIL#2, either. (Although she is amazing!)

The ladies who’ve been there for years have taken the newbies in and made them feel accepted and loved.

That’s the kind of group I love to support. Don’t you?

 And this man is a great director. His sense of humor comes through, even to those of us just seeing his back.

This is the poster telling about the competition. It made me think The Talk of Tulsa could very well have been named The Heart of Tulsa. Why?

  • Because they put a ton of heart into their performance.
  • When they sing, they grab you by the heart.
  • And every single person in the group has a huge heart! (Or else they wouldn’t spend all that time practicing in order to get where they are.)

Of course, then they wouldn’t be nicknamed Tots. They’d probably be called Hots!

  What do you think?

CONGRATULATIONS, TALK OF T-TOWN!!! We’re so proud of you.

Ps: Pictures swiped from DIL#2 and Son #2’s Facebook pages. 🙂