Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Pass the Hat

We celebrated March birthday parties at work yesterday by going out to eat. We LOVE going out to eat.

Every month, the boss takes the entire crew out. The birthday-ers get to choose the lunch spot. Sadly, there’s not a great big choice in C-Town. And if we go on a Monday or Tuesday, which we usually do, we have even fewer choices because one of the restaurants in our Small Town World is now closed two days out of the week.

And we really don’t have time to get to T-Town on our lunch break.

Omega is in charge of the party, and she’s good at it. She creates the perfect b-day cards, gets everyone to sign them, buys gift certificates, lets the restaurants know what time we’re coming and shoos everyone out the door when it’s time to go.

She also is the daughter-in-charge of helping Dad remember to send cards to his grandkids for their birthdays. It used to be me, but I kept forgetting.

Omega almost never forgets, except when she does. 🙂

So, back to yesterday. We partied at the Mexican restaurant in town. They have a room with long tables in it. Big enough to hold our entire bunch. And just about everyone was there.

We mostly got what we ordered, and had a lot of fun, chatting while we waited.

At the end of the meal, the waiters brought a couple of sombreros for the birthday kids and sang a happy birthday song.

My office mate, Anna.

 Then we play the party game–Pass the Hat. 🙂

 My hat loving buddy.

Yesterday we celebrated Anna’s and Cousin Gary’s birthdays. Sorry I missed a picture op of Gary wearing a dusty, old, pink sombrero. Maybe next time. 😉