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Show of Hands


Sorry, I can’t help but write that question in all caps. I mean it, though. Really. I’m just not all sweet and happy this morning.

No matter which watch, clock or time piece I look at, I don’t like this time change. It’s gruesome. And somehow, this is supposed to save energy. Really? How much can it save?

I need to see statistics. Somebody prove to me it’s worth all the anguish we go through every spring–blaring alarms, dragging out of bed, stumbling through the day with only one thing on our minds. Sleep.

Sigh. And we don’t get over it until the next fall. Late fall. 😦

I couldn’t go to sleep last night, and I had to get up way too early this morning. At least by an hour.

I’m pooped.

I can think of only one solution, and you’ll probably agree with me on this if you punch a time clock. Everyone should get a vacation the week DST starts so we can get used to sleep deprivation without all this pain.

I don’t know who’d run the world, but at least we could all get used to the hours a little at a time instead of getting kicked into the deep end all at once.

Okay, I mean it. EVERYBODY! If you like Daylight Savings Time right from the first morning, raise your hands. Someone needs to have a wake-up-and-smell-the-coffee meeting with you!