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Talk of T-Town

Remember my new(er) DIL? Turns out she’s a really talented woman.

July 23, 2011

 I’m not talking about her talent throwing bouquets.

 Celebrating #4’s birthday.

And I’m not talking about her talent putting horns on my son.

July 23, 2011.

Or her talented legs. 🙂

Picture by Candace Orcutt.

I’m not even talking about her talented way of kissing my son.

She’s really, really good at all those things, but I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about what everyone in T-Town is talking about.

She’s the Talk of Tulsa! Well, she’s one of them, anyway.

What, you ask, is the Talk of T-Town? (Glad you asked.)

It’s Barbershop. Or would that be Beauty Shop? Whichever, it’s four-part harmony I don’t know much about a capella, but they do it masterfully. TOT is part of the Sweet Adelines, an international organization that’s based in Tulsa. (I learned that last night.)

They have a Facebook page. The picture on FB isn’t of the current chorus. It’s an “old” one. But many of the faces are familiar.

Last night we went to hear them as part of their preparation for competition later this month. Everyone looked just alike from the top of their heads to their feet. Same headband. Same earrings. Same lipstick. Same cute, cute blingy collar thingy. (I’m trying to think of a way to get DIL #2 to tell them she lost hers. Then when she has to order a replacement, I’ll get one.)

We had to promise we wouldn’t post their show on blogs or FB or Youtube, but believe me, they’re wonderful.

My man and I both told our DIL she was the best one on her row. (I don’t think she’s ever seen Ghost Busters 2, so don’t tell her we ripped Peter off.)

From what I understand, though, the woman has perfect pitch. Just what I told Matt to look in a woman. 😉

DIL invited me to try out for the chorus, but since I’m not interested in falling down dead with nerves and then being humiliated when people ran out of the room with their hands over their ears while I sang, so I opted out.

No sense giving people nightmares.