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Oh, Wow!

Lost your internet lately?

In case you haven’t, it’s a real WOW! happening.

(As well as a pain in the watoosi.) I hadn’t realized how much of my life is lived online, until I couldn’t get there. I pay bills, do my banking, communicate with friends, check the weather and my calendar, find out what’s going on with people I know and people I don’t.

These days, I rarely write letters (according to #1 son, no one can read them anyway) because it’s easier, faster and a happier experience for everyone involved if I just email.

So yesterday, just as I was ready to email a chapter to my critique friends, I noticed I’d lost my internet. Bummer, but that happens sometimes. Naturally, I blamed the internet company and figured we’d be back online momentarily.

At lunch, my man called to ask if I knew we’d lost our connection. “They’re probably working on it,” I assured him. But when we got home after work, still no go.

A! C! K!

I couldn’t check to see if anyone in my Small Town World said hi. Couldn’t visit my Facebook Friends. Couldn’t send an email to my sibs or kids or anyone.


And for some reason, I couldn’t connect to the internet on my iPhone. What’s up with that? (Hopefully, #1 son can help in case it happens again.)

This morning (after a call to the company and, “uh-oh, I should have sent them a change of address” moment) we have it back.

Know how it feels? Kind of like swimming under water for a long, long way, when you finally getting to take a sweet breath.


And wow, I’m glad I get to be here today to say hi.