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Wedding Warning

Last summer, when #2 son married DIL #2, I think I mentioned Baby Boy would be getting married in March. Well, guess what?

He still is.

Now I need those sound effects I mentioned a few days ago. I’m just not sure which one(s) I would use. A wistful sigh, because it’s all so romantic. A happy sigh, because I absolutely adore DIL2b and her entire family. Or maybe sobs, because this wedding will mark the absolute end of Brad’s childhood, and we had such a good time while the boys were growing up.

My Wedding Warning happened Saturday. The Shower. It was absolutely wonderful.

DIL2b’s good friend and her mother gave the kids a shower.

So! Much! Fun!!!

Before I left the house that morning, I was in a flurry of dressing, making up and trying to get the frizz burned out of my hair when the phone rang.

BB calling. “Where’s your cell phone, Mom?”

Okay, who knew when you got your first cell phone, you were supposed to have your tattooed into your palm? Anyone? I didn’t!

Fast Forward to the intent of the call. “When you get lost on your way to the shower, call Nicole. She’ll get you there.”

He assumed I’d get lost, which makes a lot of sense. The town I was heading for just happens to be the same town where I took Brad to get his driver’s permit when he was fifteen and a half. We got lost. (Happens to me a lot.)

I couldn’t find it.

An entire town, just at the edge of T-Town, and I had no idea where it was. My man gets a little tired of being my human GPS, so I called a friend who gives the world’s best directions (thanks, M!) and she talked me there.

That seems like just last year. 😦

Anyway, it makes sense for my boy to think I’d get lost. But I Googled the exact address and printed out directions. Of course, Google was going to send me all the way to the Australian Outback to get there, but I knew a shortcut. 😉

I followed all the twists, and watched for the turns and made it into a fun neighborhood, to a beautiful home. I wish I’d taken my camera so I could show you everything.

I arrived twenty minutes early. (That was an accident, for sure.) I wasn’t confident enough of my directions to just boogie up to the house, so I waited until I could call Nicole.

She assured me I was in the right place (“Yes, there is a new house going up next door. Yes, it is bright green. . .”) but I still waited.

Finally, people I knew started showing up, so I climbed out of my car. After a flurry of introductions, we headed to the house.

A couple of my sibs came with their daughters and our sweet, sweet baby (gotta claim her). #1 DIL, the other Shay in attendance, kept the Spess congregation entertained during the afternoon with her dry wit.

As I said, the house was a delight. They’d decorated with teapots and teacups for a Tea Shower. Cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries and delicious little sammies were served with three different kinds of tea–in china teacups. (Brave woman!)

And to make the day completely memorable, the hostess gave Nicole her own tea service,

right down to an adorable tea egg.

Now every time she uses the set, she’ll remember the great time we all had at her shower!

The extra special part of the day was getting to spend time with Nicole and her mom, sister and mom’s best friend. They are a real joy to be with! These women know how to put everyone at ease, and made us all feel as if we’d known each other for years.

As I said, this shower was my warning buzzer. The wedding is less than a month away. (Ack!) Time to get ready. Time to shop for my dress, shoes and whatever to go with it. Oh, and time to either lose thirty pounds or find an undergarment with so much control that it will require the Jaws of Life to remove.


Ps: These pictures aren’t from the shower. I borrowed them online.