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When God Speaks

I have a great friend, Jackie King, who writes cozy mysteries and is one of those people I just look forward to spending time with. When she speaks (or blogs or sends something to the loop) I take time to read it ASAP.

 Jackie King and Peggy Fielding–Foxy Hens

Today she sent a note to the loop that said she’d blogged about Writer’s Block, come on over. I went straight over there to take advantage of her wisdom.

In case you aren’t worried about WB, I’ll tell you what hit me hard this morning. She said she was having problems with her Grace Cassidy mystery she’s writing. (They’re set in B&B’s–so much fun!)

Then some small voice from deep inside said (my belief is this whisper comes from God), “Buck up, pour some glue in the chair and sit down. You’ve been here before.”

WOW. (I made the part bold that stopped me in my tracks.)

I made a comment (I like to let my friends know I’ve visited) then came back to sign in at STW so I could use it as signature over there. When I got here, I had a comment pending from a total stranger.

Here it is:

It’s amazing how often God uses blog posts to speak that timely word of encouragement into my life. I’m glad I stumbled on your blog through Mr. Island Traveler and found this verse.:)

This morning, just when I was wondering what I was going to blog about, I read about God speaking into others’ lives twice! I had a feeling He was speaking to me.

But here’s what I’m wondering, When God Speaks, how often do we listen?

Or maybe the real question is, When God Speaks, do we recognize it? And do we obey?

There are times when things around me are so loud, I can’t hear. Or I’m too busy. Or I don’t have time.

Ouch. Is that true for you, too? (Is it just me?)

Does my admission (maybe it’s a confession) stop you like it does me?

How can I not have time, when the Creator of the Universe and everything in it takes time to speak to me?

How could I be too busy when the One who paid for my sins as if they were His own wants to spend time with me?

Why wouldn’t I listen when He speaks? Sometimes He has to repeat Himself several times, then nearly shout to be heard, doesn’t He?

Have you ever thought that it would be easier if He just spoke to us during our morning quiet times? I mean, after all, things are quiet. (That’s why it’s called quiet time.) We are listening right then. His word is there, in front of us. We’ve been talking to Him. Why not talk to us then?

Oh, my goodness, neighbors. Why would we try to limit God in any way? Why would we say, “Not now, Lord”?

Maybe we should be more like Jackie and listen for any/everything He has for us and appreciate that He loves us so much!

Thank you Jackie and Yen.