Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.



It’s another WOWed Wednesday!

What’s WOW-worthy for you today?

I’m WOWed by the kindness some people show others. Last fall in C-Town, several people started filling Christmas Jars. The idea is to drop money in the jar each week, then secretly leave it on someone’s doorstep at Christmas.

After Christmas, there were letters to the editor in The C-Town American about appreciation and blessings from people who received those jars as well as the people who filled them. WOW!

I’m WOWed by people who give legs to their faith by standing up for what they believe, and then following through with it. Such as the young woman in our church who, even though she has a husband and small children, not only went to India to share Christ and her medical knowledge, she plans to go again!

I’m WOWed that so many big hearted people live in my Small Town World!

I’m WOWed and thankful for the rain we got last Friday. I was really wowed as I drove through it on my way to work, barely able to see the road for the downpour.

I’m WOWed by my great kiddos and kiddos-in-law and the good time we had together the other night as we celebrated birthdays.

I’m WOWed by the goodness in women who work and teach and nurture others without expecting anything in return–such as Beth Moore, Jackie Kramer, Becki Hawkins and Marilyn Pappano.

I’m WOWed that people come by and say hi by reading my blog. And sometimes they even comment on it! 🙂

I’m WOWed that the Creator of the Universe and everything in it loves me!

So, back to my question this morning.

What’s WOW-worthy for you?