Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Wowza Wednesday

I’m wowed by a lot of things this morning. I just finished today’s segment of James Bible study (Beth Moore’s MERCY TRIUMPHS) and I’m WOWED by the way James and Beth know what’s inside me and are able to lay it right on the line. (And because my toes are often over that line, OUCH!)

I’m still wowed that an eagle flew up in front of me on Sunday.

I’m wowed that God gave me a fantastic family to grow up in.

I’m wowed that He gave me a great husband and three wonderful sons.

I’m super wowed that He gave my sons adorable wives that I enjoy so much!

I’m wowed that my 81-year-old dad still comes to work nearly every day, and is sharper than ever.

I’m wowed by my friends. THEY ARE SO GOOD!!!

I’m wowed that the One who created the entire universe and everything that’s in it is anxious to spend time with me. He doesn’t demand that I sacrifice my first-born (aren’t we glad?) or that I shave my head or move into a convent to prove my love for Him.

All He wants is my heart, as flawed as it is.


What’s wowing you today?