Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.



I had so much fun yesterday! I found a new Small Town World!

Here’s what happened.

One of the men in my life let his driver’s license run out. With an out-of-date DL, cruise companies are very reluctant to let you on their ships. You can go all the way to, oh, say Hawaii, and pay the big bucks, after buying new tennis shoes especially for your trip, and then have to wrangle with the head-crank-in-charge to get to use your expired license.

WARNING! The State of Okie-Land no longer sends you a notice that your DL is about to expire. Go check it right now and note on your calendar if it has to be renewed this year. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

To be able to drive, this person I love dearly needs his birth certificate, which we couldn’t find at the office.

I volunteered to take the trip to T-Town County Health Department to get it. When my DL expired a few years ago, I went to the health department on C-Town’s side of the big city to replace my missing certificate, so I went back there yesterday.


I walked in the door and asked the gray-haired gentleman in the glass booth if that was where I could get a BC. He handed me a map.


Have I ever mentioned Map Fights? G-Man and I’ve had a few over the years. We started on our honeymoon. (Imagine expecting the woman in your life to be able to read a map. How unreasonable can you get? LOL)

The man in the booth must have seen the look of confusion on my face. “Get on the BA and drive to the 51st Street exit. You’ll exit right, then go left. You can’t miss it.”

Again, he read my face. “If you get lost, call me. The number’s on the map.”

But I didn’t have to make that call! I found the building–absolutely beautiful, by the way. The hard part was finding where to turn off of the street to get into the parking lot.

The last time I was at the THD, there was about a thousand people (exaggeration) with three thousand kids (maybe exaggeration) all running and playing and laughing, and most of them speaking a language that makes my stomach hurt. The reason it hurt my stomach? I took that class in high school, and passed it by the skin of my teeth, and hearing little kids speak it reminds me. 🙂

When I got to the new building, I saw a sign that said, “Birth and Death Certificates.” Very clean building. Smallish room (compared to the one used on the other side of town) with less than twenty people waiting inside.

I grabbed a number as I walked in. The biggest sign in the room said, “Average wait time one to two hours.” I settled in to do a little reading and people watching.

There were only three children waiting with adults, and they were so well-behaved, I barely knew they were there. But they were cute!

One little boy sat quietly while his mother texted on her cell phone. When she’d finally finished, he asked if he could please use her phone. She didn’t hear him the first time, so I nearly handed him mine. 😉

Another little boy was with an older man, who wore oxygen. The child couldn’t have been more than three or four, but he wanted to know what the small oxygen concentrator was and exactly how it worked. Poor guy had a little trouble explaining. I have a feeling he didn’t care HOW it worked as long as it worked. Now he’ll be studying up.

When I got to talk to the woman behind the window (I had to wonder if the glass was bullet proof, but I didn’t ask) she was so nice! Sweet voice, happy smile. She made my trip to Farlands very pleasant.

And I get to go back today! They won’t have the certificate ready until after 11:00. When the man needing the thing asked why I had to go back, I told him it was so old, they’d have to work their way back in a far away storage cave somewhere to get it.

He didn’t think I was funny.

Today, I’m going back to pick it up. And I plan to take Omega with me because, if I’m not mistaken, we’ll be within a few miles of Ted’s Cafe Escondito and their super hot salsa (it has avocado in it.) Yuuuuum! And if anyone enjoys good food, it’s Alpha and Omega!

Don’t tell Weight Watchers. 🙂