Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


When It Snows

It snowed last week–at least here in Okie-Land. Beautiful coming down, stuck to the yards and grass but not the road.

That’s the kind of snow I love!

But to be honest, I think it might make people do weird things.

When I headed for work a little late that next morning, I saw the strangest sight. It was a car on my right in the grass between the highway and the fence (the part the state keeps mowed most of the summer) driving like a bat escaping the fiery depths, parallel to the road in the opposite direction.

The car fishtailed and spun out several times while I could see it. Once I glanced in my rearview mirror to see it speed over a jump like the Dukes of Hazzard. I saw a flash of sky beneath the car, then dirt and snow flying in the air.

Mere seconds later, all the cars on the highway behind me pulled onto the shoulder. I wasn’t sure why. Did whoever was driving that car land in a deep ditch back that way? Or had they tried to get onto the highway and forced everyone off?

I’m a pretty curious person, but not curious enough to turn around and go back. I headed on into C-Town. As I passed Wally-World, I met a highway patrol car with its lights flashing.

When I turned down the street where I park, I met the ambulance with its lights flashing.

I haven’t heard what happened (does anyone know?) but my husband had to run home to get a tool he needed for work and he said there was a highway patrol, an ambulance, a firetruck and several cars pulled off the road right where I saw all the excitement.

Terminally Curious is killing me.

Then Saturday night, we ate at the Outback in T Town. When we left, we headed north on Riverside. Almost immediately we were passed by a Ford Mustang, moving fast and weaving in and out of traffic. Right behind him was a highway patrol car with his lights flashing.

The Mustang didn’t stop. We watched and in just a few seconds, the ‘Stang turned left, near (or into) the casino. The hi-po followed right behind. Almost immediately we saw another hi-po running hot (lights flashing) coming from the other direction, turn in the same place. Another was close behind. Then at least two City police cars.

From Riverside to the River isn’t very far. I had to wonder if they were running flat-out through neighborhoods and parking lots or if they whole bunch had taken a swim.

All the snow must have melted, though, because Sunday everything had gone back to normal. 🙂

I can’t wait to see what’ll happen the next time it snows.