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Another Wowed Wednesday!

Wow! It’s cold outside!!! (19 degrees, according to my computer.) It was so warm and pretty outside on Monday, it felt like springtime. Then Tuesday, we hit a cold wall. Bam!
Now, early Wednesday morning, it’s still cold. I’m sitting here with the furnace blowing, an electric heater at my feet and a heating pad behind me and still thinking, “Brrrr!” I hear it’s supposed to warm back up this weekend. (Talk about a roller coaster weather wise!)

FC3’s Bible study was a real wow! Amazing. Truly a-m-a-z-i-n-g! This study just gets better and better. Honestly, the “gasp!” kind of better.

Last night, Sister Debbie brought her newest granddaughter to our classroom. (Because our birthdays are in April and May, we’re in the same small group.) Little Bit did fine for a few moments, then decided she needed a little snacky.

While her grandmommy was feeding her, I held Grandmommy’s book. Here comes the WOW! It wasn’t Beth Moore who wowed me so much during small group time as the depth of time and study my sister put into preparation for this class. And she’s not even the leader.

For a while I held her book and mine, but it wasn’t long before I put mine down. I learned so much reading her answers. (Shared a few of them, too.) I’m amazed at the way God is working in her life!

(Waving my hand. “My turn next, Lord.”)

Speaking of sisters, Beth Moore’s was introduced in her blog yesterday. I don’t know if you read Beth’s blog or if you enjoy Beth’s ministry or not, but my heart just broke for these women.

I’ve been reading Beth’s book, “So Long, Insecurity.” In it, she shares a lot about their formative years. She doesn’t tell in it how what they lived through affected her sister because she didn’t feel it was hers to tell. Yesterday her sister, Gay, wrote for everyone to read, what her life has been like.

If you’ve ever felt insecurity in your life, I recommend reading Beth’s book. And if you’ve ever wondered if Beth has just lived a charmed life and thought that anyone with blond hair and a pretty face and clothes could do what she’s done, think again. She didn’t just skate up, sparkle and start talking.

She’s been in the Pit, I promise you. So has her sister.

 — it is my great honor to introduce you to my blood sister, with whom I was raised and with whom I shared a room for many years and many secrets. Some crippling. We have known much pain together and much devastation apart and were so close growing up that one of us could hardly be okay if the other were not. Today – and for this moment – we are both okay. And blessed. Redeemed. Forgiven. And, in staggering ways, restored. Only because of Jesus.

If you have a moment, pop over to Beth’s blog. I think you’ll be wowed, too!