Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Don’t You Love It?

Okay, not pastel pink, but the rest of the sign I absolutely agree with. Laughing has got to be the best calorie burner. The most fun, anyway. Happy girls are the prettiest! Who thinks a pouty girl is a beauty? And even if she is, if she’s a pain to be with, who’ll be able to look at her?

And, in the immortal words of Scarlett O’Hara, I know that






(Scarlett is one of my heroes from teenage-hood.)

And oh, yes, without a doubt. I do believe in miracles.

I saw this sign when I was out shopping with my DIL after DIL2b’s graduation party, and I just had to have a picture of it. I’m not sure how they make these things, but I’m going to have to learn so I can make one that just fits me.

I believe in pink. And even better, I believe in RED! I definitely believe in red.

I believe that God, the Father of lights, is the giver of all good and perfects gifts.

I believe that laughter is the best calorie burner, and that joy in those around is us what brings on that laughter.

I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. And happy kids are the prettiest kids. And that happy guys are the best looking guys.

I believe that all babies are beautiful.


I believe that reading is the best way to spend a long, lazy day. Or knitting. Or watching movies with my man.

I believe in hugging. I believe in hugging a lot.

I believe in being strong when everything around you is going wrong, because in truth, there’s no other choice. You must either step up or check out.

I believe in miracles–and I have just the sister to prove it.

I believe in Christ as my Savior. My Father. My brother. My Friend.

Okay, my pretend sign needs a little (?) editing. LOL. If you had the signage and the lettering, what would your sign say?