Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Got a Kick out of These Boots

Have I mentioned I love babies?

Is this guy cute or what?

One of the guys came in at work and kindly left his boots by the backdoor. Someone decided to try them on for size. 🙂

 It won’t be long before he fills them out, I’m afraid.

He’s just a cutie patootie, isn’t he?

 This is him with his mama. She’s a great parent to the little guy!

One day, we went  out for a few minutes and ended up at our church’s play area.

 That’s the day we decided we LOVE to go down slides.

Well, my guy liked going down them. I loved catching him. LOL. Almost couldn’t get him to quit so I could take him back to the office.

When he’s older, he won’t remember this day. I doubt I’ll ever forget.