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Kitty Snitting

Can you guess what I’m snitting (sitting and knitting) these days?

It’s a Christmas gift for DIL#1. Last Christmas. 🙂 I showed it to her on the big day and let her try it on. We decided it needed another foot of body before it’d be finished.

Now it’s about 8 feet long. 🙂 Oy.

It has four legs.

It has a tail.

Yes, it has several danglies that need to be woven in. (That’ll make it warmer.)

Did you guess a cat scarf? Ding! Ding! Ding! You’re right.

I saw a scarf similar to this on Pinterest (DIL might have posted it.)

and I thought, I need to knit that for my cat loving DIL. (She gives hers adorable names like Ralphy and Gozer.)

She loves cats so much, she gave hers a room of their own with a private exit to an outdoor room where they’re safe.

Okay, my scarf is a little wide, but DIL loves fat cats. And I hate ripping out and starting all over, so it’s going to be a fat cat. She can fold the poor kitty in half when she wears him. It’ll be warmer.

Now all I lack is a head. I’m hoping to give him green eyes. Oh! And maybe whiskers!!!