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Make Me Cry


I know, it’s not hard to make me cry. Sometimes I think I’m a rainstorm, looking for a place to happen. I found that place Christmas day. 🙂

A few weeks ago, I looked out the front door of our office and I saw it. There, katty corner across the street, in front of Nick Nack Memories (one of two fantastic antique-y shops here in C-Town) sat the trunk of my dreams.

Who sits around dreaming about trunks? Me!

Without telling anyone where I was going, I rushed over. It was old. And gorgeous! I looked inside  and (gasp!) the tray was there. Since I’ve never found a trunk with a tray, I was thrilled. AND the paper that lined the trunk was just practically perfect.


When I asked the woman who finds all the treasures for the shop how much, she gave me a very reasonable price. Oh, I wanted that trunk! I’ve wanted one just like that for years, but somehow, I’ve never found one.

But Christmas was just a few weeks away, and I hadn’t finished my Christmas shopping. I just couldn’t justify buying myself the trunk, no matter how badly I wanted it.

By the next day, though, I could justify it. After all, I’d looked for it for years. And the price wasn’t just reasonable, it was fantastic. So back across the street I went, check book in hand.

It wasn’t out front, but the owner rarely puts the same thing out two days in a row. I went inside, but didn’t see it. Oh, no. “Did you sell the trunk I liked?”

The woman nodded happily. “Yes, I did.”

Okay, I get retail. You have to turn your stock–sell it and get in more–to make a living. But did she have to sell my trunk? And so quickly???

I was unhappy, upset and just a little bit mad about it. “That’s awful! I just can’t believe it. I hope their check bounces!!!”

I wanted her to repossess the trunk so I could buy it, but I’m not sure I said that out loud.

Now fast forward to Christmas. Christmas Eve was a little quiet–if a place can be quiet when my number one son is present. 🙂 Unlike past Eves, only #1 son, DIL#1, G-Man and I were here. The next morning (when we usually open our gifts) #1 and #3 and their women were here.

I got exactly what I wanted for the big day. Pictures of my family through the years, some framed and others ready to frame from Danny and China. (I’ll post some of them for you later.)

Crocks from Bradley and Nicole. (I have a thing for crocks, too.)

A Martha Stewart craft cabinet from my man. (Mine is picket fence white.)

And G-Man gave me two books I picked out. One’s a romance by Rachel Gibson. The other one is called, “How Not to Look Old!” (I can’t wait to learn everything that’s in there.)

Then, finally, Matt and Nikki showed up. They opened gifts to catch up with the rest of us, then handed me a present. A pretty box, wrapped up and tied with a gorgeous bow. So I opened it, and it was stuffed with tissue paper. When I moved all the tissue paper, I found a red envelope.

The Christmas card inside said, “You might want to go to the front porch to see your present.”

What can it be? I wondered. A car is a little too expensive for a Christmas gift–at least one I didn’t pick out. 🙂 Rather than guess, I headed for the porch.

There, next to my planter, was a humongus red bow.

And under that bow was my trunk. The trunk from Nick Nack Memories. The trunk I wanted before Christmas. The trunk I wanted the Memory lady to repossess. 😉

Okay, since then I changed my mind.

I know this will shock you, but for the second time that morning, I cried. (Boo-hooed over my pictures, too.)

Apparently, when I came back from meeting my trunk that day, I told DIL#2 where I’d been and she, with a little help from Omega (Thanks, Amy!) took it from there.

I had my whole family together for Christmas, so I got everything my heart desired. Wonderful things, no matter how old and wonderful, like antique trunks, are only temporary. Family is eternal.

I know it’s hard for a lot of people, but I’d love it if you’d post a comment and tell me what you got for Christmas that made you cry. Okay–that would have made me cry.

Author: Susan Shay

For as long as I can remember, I've loved two things--reading and people--and that led me to become a writer. Many of my stories are set in Small Town Worlds. I'm a wife, mother, sibling and an aunt. I have a deep faith in God, and an exciting life in Christ. Maybe I shouldn't be (after all, he's God!) but I'm constantly amazed at the things He's up to. :)

19 thoughts on “Make Me Cry

  1. Tears like that would be called “leakage”? Judy and I figured it out before end of story. 🙂

    Remember when my Judy said she wanted “nothing for Christmas”? I’ll post a picture soon.

  2. Susan, your trunk looks just like the one I have. It was my mother’s and she would be 103 if alive. Her older brother died just after being in World War I and wasn’t married so my grandmother got what little money he had. She bought a trunk for each of his sisters and then I got my mother’s.

    • Oh, Claudia. What a sweet story!
      You know she could have kept the money to support herself or bought herself something really cool, but she chose to give each of her daughters something to remember their brother by.
      What a sweet woman she must have been!

  3. I saw that trunk as I passed by and so wanted to stop in and check it out. Since I was working and had people I needed to see I didn’t. I’m so glad it found a happy home with you. Also glad I didn’t stop in and buy it and get the Alpha curse! 🙂

  4. What made me cry on Christmas? My family all together, all my kids and #1DIL and #1 SIL. And my 3 PRECIOUS GRANDDAUGHTERS. Being together, I love it!

    Then most of our family was there in the evening, So great, only thing
    that would have made it better, would have been to have Mom there, and sweet Anna Beth. (that makes me cry still).

    Watching my #1DIL hurt because she misses her mom makes me cry.

    Your posts make me cry.

    Knowing Heather and Becky Jo are missing their mom (so am I), makes me cry.

    I take after my older sister, I cry a lot!!!

    Oh, and Larry, we refer to something else when we talk about “leakage”, but we won’t go there!!!

    • Leakage. Snort!!! 🙂
      You know who we take after, don’t you? Dad! Mom almost never cried, but Dad . . . . Well, he’s got the leakage thing down!
      I’m so glad I get to claim you as my sis. You’re important to me.

  5. “”Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

    • Btw I’m glad to know I’m not the only cry baby.

      • Not by a long shot, Lulu. In fact, I think Omega and maybe Brother Jeffrey are the only two who aren’t CBs. But that’s okay. It’s just love escaping.

        • Oh please! I got a double dose of the CB. For instance, I visited with a woman who had 6 kids yesterday. I told her that my sisters are my best friends and we have none of the jealousy evident in some families. She asked me how my parents were able to raise us so well. I teared up right in front of her when I tried to explain how blessed we were!!

    • Amen, Sister! Preach the Word!!!
      Oh, the places my mind goes when I read that verse.
      >Is what I get the desire of my heart because I’ve delighted myself in God, so I delight in whatever he sends me?
      >Is God rewarding me for delighting myself in Him?
      >Or maybe it’s that as a Christian, the desire of my heart should be ever more spiritual growth, so when I delight myself in Him, I grow in Him, no matter what else is coming down on my head?

      Well, that’s clear as mud, isn’t it?

  6. I had bought two bee pins recently and have worn both of them, one on my Golden Wedding anniversary. I had found them in an antique store in Guthrie, Ok. and I just love them…..well… oldest great grandson, Cameron, had saved some award points from his school library and could purchase small items with his points. He used his rewards to buy me a small golden Bee pin, wrapped it up and gave it to me, Great Grandma Sue ,for my BEST Christmas present. Isn’t that enough to make a grown woman cry???? You can be sure I wore it all day long.

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