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Perfect Fit

I’m not sure how our sons accomplished it, but some how, each of them found the one girl that I could love.

Growing up, I’d heard stories about how my great-grandmother had never liked the girls her sons married. She’d gone so far as to stand in the doorway of their cabin and say hateful things to them as they waited outside. (Forget going inside!)

Deep in my heart, I had just an inkling of a worry that I might have inherited that gene. Oh, I wouldn’t have said hurtful things, but I love our sons so much I was afraid I might not be able to really like the women they brought to our family.

That doubt is completely gone. My third son is engaged to be married this spring, and we adore his girl just as much as we love the first two.

This is number 3 with Nicole, standing in the private dining room in the restaurant where he proposed to her.

Nicole graduated Saturday from Oklahoma State University, and her parents threw her a graduation party in that same restaurant.

Isn’t she adorable? And she’s as sweet, nice and lovable as she is cute!

Nicole with her dad.

This is Dean, the only employee I saw at the Tokyo Pot in Stillwater where we partied. He’s teaching us how to prepare our meals. The TP was voted the best restaurant in that college town, and Dean is the reason for it.

He’s a real hoot! Nobody feels shy around him. He even makes you want to eat lamb. (At least he said it was lamb. It could have been snake and I’d have eaten it, because it was that good!)

They bring thinly sliced raw meat (red meat and white meat as well as sea food) and veggies to your table, you have two vats of cooking fluid–one spicy, one not-so-much–and you drop in what you want to eat. Then fish it out and oh, my stars! Is it good!!!

I need an adventuresome friend to go over there with me early next year for lunch and shopping. (Critique, maybe? LOL)

So! Much! Fun!

 Good times!

Just to prove I was really there, I’m including this picture with me in it. (The least offensive picture I could find.) I’m the red sweater on the far right. (Red because I was thinking Christmas, not because I like another state school any better than OSU.)

Want a close up?

I’m reaching for something to eat. Of course. Why do you ask?

I want to shout out a big THANK YOU!!! to Nicole’s parents. We had a fantastic time. Thank you for making us feel like part of the family. And thank you for sharing your wonderful daughter, who fits so perfectly with my other DILs. We love her!