Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


The Day I Met My Honey

Happy Day!

I believe in celebrating milestones. Anniversaries. All the the little bends in the road along the way. Not with a big, huge party deal like some people, but at least with a “I remember this day. Wasn’t it great?”

So today is one of those days. Besides being the day Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, this is the day I met my honey.

On a blind date.

In T-Town.

A long, long time ago. (I had to get G-Man to do the math. Oy!)

How will we celebrate? I’d love to revisit our date that night, but the movie we’d planned to go to is long gone. The place we went to dance is something else now (or empty.)

The apartment building I lived in is still there, but I’m not sure they’d let us in just to say, “Happy anniversary, honey! Glad I met you!!!”

We should ask out the other couple on the double date, who also married (there was magic in the air that night!) but, “Wedsnesday is too far ahead for me (G-Man) to plan.” Work-wise, it’s tough.

So if he makes it home in time, we’ll probably go out. If he doesn’t, hopefully, I’ll wake up long enough to kiss him good night.

Thirty-nine times.