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Still playing make believe.

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Bedlam 2011

I haven’t said much about Bedlam (Oklahoma State vs Oklahoma University) because, to be very honest, I don’t like competition. 😉


I mean, somebody will win (feel fantastic) so that means someone has to lose (feel awful.)

As the wife of a man who went to school at Oklahoma Spess University for three semesters, mother of three sons who went there and having taken six hours there myself *ahem*, I had only one choice when I went to buy my shirt.

Oklahoma Spess University got the nod at the office this year.

 We have a lot of good-natured “discussion” every year. Sometimes it gets a little out of hand.

Sister Amy running over Middle Son.

There’s also a picture of Middle Son smacking Sister Amy in the head, but I missed it.  The pictures are staged jokes, of course, made all the funnier because Amy and Matt are both die-hard fans. (I blame the Ferguson Clan for tainting Amy’s raising.) Continue reading